Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mobile Video Outfit Refocuses

Washington, D.C. - In early 2004, Peter Durand took the top job at Integrian, a North Carolina company specializing in mobile surveillance systems for vehicles like police cars and buses. It's been a busy run since, with two venture funding rounds closed, three acquisitions, and a headcount that went from 12 to 200.

"This has been four years of 90 miles an hour every single day," says Durand, 38.

Not all decisions made at 90 miles an hour turn out well. Integrian hopes one acquisition gone amiss will help another bear fruit.

Two years ago, Integrian deployed a big chunk of its venture capital to acquire publicly listed Innovonics, a $9 million (revenues) Australian developer of transit surveillance technology. The rationale behind the buy: Innovonics' specialty in passenger rail systems and subways would complement Integrian's strengths in camera systems for cars and buses.

"We had this goal of combining the technologies into one platform," says Durand.

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