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Andrew T. Gillies is Director of Communications at the Center for Audit Quality, an affiliate of the American Institute of CPAs, in Washington, DC. Based in Washington since 2002, he has also worked in editorial and communications roles at the Investment Company Institute, the World Bank, Forbes, and Vault.com. His policy-themed writing has focused on aerospace and defense, energy and environment, transportation, and financial services.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Energy Consultant Who Does It All

Washington, D.C. - Like any big industry, energy has an array of trade groups representing its various sectors and sub-sectors inside the Beltway. Biofuels, coal, gas, oil, nukes, solar, wind, utilities of various stripes: They all field associations that jostle for position on energy policy.

Since 1981, Jeffrey Serfass has made a living in this milieu. The approach behind his $2 million (revenues) Washington consultancy: connect the dots.

"We have a significant network of companies and spheres of knowledge that allow us to uniquely bridge the entire gamut from fossil fuels to renewable energy," says Serfass, 62.

Suitably, Serfass' company carries a rather non-descript name: Technology Transition Corporation. In addition to corporate and government consulting, the 12-person, for-profit outfit manages trade groups, notably the National Hydrogen Association and the internationally focused Partnership for Advancing the Transition to Hydrogen. Serfass heads both organizations.

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