Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Energy Consultant Who Does It All

Washington, D.C. - Like any big industry, energy has an array of trade groups representing its various sectors and sub-sectors inside the Beltway. Biofuels, coal, gas, oil, nukes, solar, wind, utilities of various stripes: They all field associations that jostle for position on energy policy.

Since 1981, Jeffrey Serfass has made a living in this milieu. The approach behind his $2 million (revenues) Washington consultancy: connect the dots.

"We have a significant network of companies and spheres of knowledge that allow us to uniquely bridge the entire gamut from fossil fuels to renewable energy," says Serfass, 62.

Suitably, Serfass' company carries a rather non-descript name: Technology Transition Corporation. In addition to corporate and government consulting, the 12-person, for-profit outfit manages trade groups, notably the National Hydrogen Association and the internationally focused Partnership for Advancing the Transition to Hydrogen. Serfass heads both organizations.

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