Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Stanford Group's Erik R. Olbeter

These are difficult times for companies offering technical services to the federal government. The grind of waging war in Afghanistan and Iraq has threatened agency technology budgets and darkened the outlook for big Beltway businesses such as CACI International and SRA International.

Covering this area from Stanford Group's Washington offices, Erik Olbeter has kept his footing. For eight months in 2006, for example, he cautioned against shares of Dynamics Research, an Andover, Mass., company that does engineering work for defense and intelligence customers. The stock dropped 44% during that period.

But it wasn't all bearishness that won Olbeter his No. 8 StarMine ranking among all analysts for 2006 stock calls. Last August, he put a buy rating on DynCorp International , at $10. By the end of the year, shares of the company, which provides governments with services ranging from narcotics eradication to vehicle maintenance, had climbed to $16.

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