Thursday, December 08, 2005

Ballmer's Beltway Pitch

Washington, D.C. - The word "military" doesn't appear in Microsoft's most recent annual report. Nor does the company's name figure into tallies of the largest civilian or military contractors to the United States government. Still, in comments to Washington D.C. tech executives yesterday, Chief Executive Steve Ballmer put such work at the core of Microsoft's mission.

"The kind of high-technology work going on in the defense business and defense contracting, the use of those technologies by the military," he said, "are sure shapers of our strategy."

Ballmer gave his remarks at the Capital Hilton--just down the street from the White House--to an audience brought together by the D.C. Tech Council, the Tech Council of Maryland TechNet and the Northern Virginia Technology Council. The latter group counts 1,000 members, including D.C.-area contractors Anteon International, CACI International and SI International.

An energetic speaker, Ballmer knows how to work a crowd. He took the stage as though he'd just downed a few cups of coffee from the refreshment stand outside the ballroom.

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