Friday, August 25, 2006

Buying Opportunity In Government Tech

WASHINGTON, D.C. - SRA International, a tech services and consulting concern in Fairfax, Va., has twice graced our annual list of America's Best Mid-Caps. But making that elite cut hasn't protected the company's stock price, down 21% over a one-year period.

The dip may be an investment opportunity.

What's bothering SRA International's stock? Among other factors, explains A.G. Edwards analyst Mark C. Jordan, the high cost of waging war in Iraq and Afghanistan has created uncertainty and delay, which is affecting spending on the information technology services that SRA provides: designing, managing and protecting networks for government agencies. The company does just under three-fifths of its business with national security customers, 32% with civilian government agencies and 9% in health care, along with a smattering of commercial work.

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