Thursday, April 13, 2006

Editor's Welcome

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Legislation, litigation, lobbying and regulation: None of these Washington pastimes are pretty, but they all affect business and wealth profoundly. To help you assess that impact, we've created a section that draws together our insight into doers and doings in Washington. We call it Business in the Beltway.

The section may be new, but Forbes has kept a sharp eye on the Capital City since B.C. Forbes founded the company in 1917. Our Washington bureau, in operation for 50 years, now fields an editorial staff of six, led by veteran reporter and Forbes Senior Editor Janet Novack.

At Business in the Beltway, however, you’ll find much more than coverage from our D.C. bureau. Whenever one of our print or online reporters files a story with a Washington angle, we'll post it at Business in the Beltway. We'll also feature pertinent interviews conducted by our anchors on the Video Network.

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