Friday, December 12, 2003

Growth Stocks With A Story

Before she got her M.B.A., money manager Maureen Cullinane took undergraduate and master's degrees in French literature. Cullinane, who tends to $1.2 billion as lead manager of Evergreen Investment's Omega Fund, says the literature stuff still comes in handy in the investment world.

"Everyone comes into this field with different specialties," she explains. "For those of us with the liberal arts background, it's trying to find a good story, even more than the numbers."

These days Cullinane, who started with Evergreen in 1974, sees a particularly compelling story in Baby Boomer demographics, particularly the growing demand for healthcare as the generation ages.

This is a tale oft-told on Wall Street. Is it overplayed? Cullinane doesn't think so. On healthcare, for example, she points out the wide variety of sub-sectors--medical devices, managed care, pharmaceuticals, and so on--that are constantly falling in and out of favor. "There are so many healthcare ideas out there," she says, "there's always something you can invest in."

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