Thursday, March 08, 2001

Stock Focus: Water Product, Services Companies

NEW YORK - A recent report published by the National Intelligence Council, a division of the Central Intelligence Agency, estimates that by 2015 nearly half the world's population will live in countries that are water-stressed. In China, for example, the report notes that the water tables under the country's core grain-producing areas are falling at a rate of five feet per year.

The challenge isn't limited to emerging economies. "The issue of purifying water cuts right across the board," says John Hermance, professor of environmental geophysics and hydrology at Brown University. "You not only have entire communities and cities which will need increasing levels of treatment for their water supplies, but also private homeowners and small businesses who face the problem of installing filtering for their water systems."

Such problems are creating opportunities for companies like Meriden, Conn.-based Cuno (nasdaq: CUNO - news - people). The company designs and manufactures filtration products to purify fluids and gases. Its Aqua-Pure and Water Factory Systems units offer water filtration treatment products for residential and commercial use.

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